The Castle of Donnafugata is about 12 km away from marina di ragusa and it can be reached on the provincial road which leads to Santa Croce Camerina and from there following the indications.

The Castle, tucked away in a large park, was bought from the Municipality in 1982 and today, after long restoration works, it is one of the main Hyblean tourist attraction.

The Castle was built over a pre-existing old Arabian-norman sighting tower by Baron Arezzo in the 19th century in a not well defined style, infact on the facade part there is a Gothic-Venetian style (the small loggia) and in other parts we can find Renaissance style. The terrace can be accessed throught a staicase decorated with lions and spinxes. Beyond the yardthere is the access to the real palace where there are in total 122 rooms, and the rooms that are possible to visit are the most decorate one but just 25 all situated on the noble floor, the first one.

The Hall of Armonial Bearings (Salone degli Stremmi) is amongst the most intresting room, where armours and chests can be found, whilst on the walls there are many coats of arms belonging to noble Sicilian Family which were about 2.700 in all Sicily!

The Room with Mirrors (stanza degli specchi) is amongst the most sumptuous rooms in the castle, where many mirrors, sofas and spinets can be found, as well as forniture, stuccos works and Empyre style furniture.

Next to it there is the Billiard Room (Stanza da biliardo) and the Bishop Room, where the prelate was often given ospitality. The Boulle style pieces of forniture are intresting and precious, they enrich this wonderful room.

It is followeed by some guest room, a long corridor with a collection of paintings attributed to Luca Giordano leading to the big Hall of Music (Salone della Musica), the only hall in the palace frescoed, whilst all the other rooms have wallpapers.

There are sofas and three pianos, and on the walls landscapes are depicted between one column and the other, thy give you the sensation of being before large windows. There are also the Ladie's Drawing Room (Salotto delle Signore) with a beautiful ceiling lamp made of Murano glass, the Smokers' Draqing Room (Salotto dei Fumatori), with sofas and armchairs for men's conversations, the Waiting Room (Sala d'Attesa), and then a large Library with thousand of old books.

Visiting the park is also interesting, where ancient essences are being re-established, rich of big rubben plants, fountains, a Coffee House, where the baron used to take his coffee in the morning, and then lots of waterworks, the Labyrinth, at its entrance there used to be a rough soldier with a rifle, grottoes characterized by real stalacties, and lastly, in a small chapel, a very original joke: when the victim climbed up the stairs, a small door opened and a bearded friar, pushed b a device, opened his arms and hugged the frighttened visitor.