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Marina di Ragusa is a little town in southern Italy, a part of the comune of Ragusa. The site is noted for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Marina di Ragusa is located on the Mediterranean coast of the island of Sicily, directly opposite the island of Malta. The village has an official population of 4,070 but during the summer it gets to over 60,000 inhabitants.

Today, Marina di Ragusa is a beach resort with a Mediterranean climate almost practically pleasant for more than 8 month a year and it is the most equipped and claimed seaside place in south-eastern Sicily attracting international visitors to its beautiful golden sandy beaches and relaxed restaurants and bars. 

The local economy is based on tourism, infact many bars, restaurants, hotels, holiday homes, bed and breakfast are busy during the summer season whilst during the winter the village gets busy only at weekends. The local fishing industry has nearly disappeared and has been replaced by the agriculture in greenhouses that can be found on the inside area. 

The geographical position in the south-east area of Sicily (Val di Noto), rich in baroque monuments, archaeological finds and vestiges of ancient civilizations, landscape sights and a fine gourmet tradition, allow you to enjoy the relax of a seaside holiday and many sites of artistic and cultural interest and to savour the past tastes of the Sicilian country tradition.

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MARINA DI RAGUSA - An old town in the south east coast of Sicily

Mazzarelli as it was originally and located opposite a the African coast was a tiny fishing village because of its sandy bay which was perfect for landing boats. It also had a small pier from where cargo ships would transport merchandise to England, France and Spain. This all took place under the attentive and prudent surveillance of an old tower which had been built several years before by a Spanish Captain Bernardo Cabrera to protect the region against Saracen incursions.

MARINA DI RAGUSA - A perfect place where to stay 

Marina di Ragusa is a perfect place where to stay because the temperature of this area is most of the time warm and  for sure is the sunniest area in the south east coast of Sicily. Marina di Ragusa is also the ideal place to stay because it is located at the center of all the most important places that you must go to visit. Ragusa Ibla, Modica and Scicli are the three UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the castle of Donnafugata is a demonstration of how the rich barons lived long ago on this beautiful island Sicily. Marina di Ragusa is therefore the city at the center of many places to visit and you can not miss, such as: 

  • RAGUSA IBLA: 25 km;
  • SCICLI: 12 km; 
  • MODICA: 20 Km; 
  • DONNAFUGATA Castle: 15 km; 
  • COMISO AIRPORT: 20 km;

MARINA DI RAGUSA - The new Port of Marina di Ragusa

The new port of Marina di Ragusa was designed in the 1980s but after a short time works stopped until the years 2006-2008, when with European Funding it was possible to complete it. The new port aims to became one of the major tourist ports of the island. The new structure is the biggest tourist port of Sicily and can moor over 800 boats and the new offices for the Coast Guard. It was officially opened 3 July 2009. In 2010 shops, a supermarket and a bar were opened.

Since the opening in 2009 the port has registered a steady traffic during the summer months and has seen an increase of mooring during the winter months due to the low fares applied by the managing company.